Friday, February 25, 2011

Glamours Party Makeup ❤

For foundation & highlight I used the Temptu AIRbrush Makeup System on Cynthia{honey & champagne} Breathtaking finish ❤

"I love to do glamorous things, like wear Valentino & wear airbrushed make-up."

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Face Routine | 2011

My skin feels & looks super bright and radiant! I can't tell what it is that's making my face feel & look so great because I changed a number of things in my daily routine!

Here's what I'm doing that's new/different than before:

❧ Using a face complexion brush!

I'd normally just use a rag on my face.. I think this face brush is the best 5 bucks I've spent in a very long time!

❧ New face wash! Of course with my new face brush I had to try out a new cleanser.. I'm now using Shiseido's White Lucent Brightening Cleansing Foam.

This product claims to boost clarity and luminosity & it is 100% true in my case! Every time I use this cleanser I feel like a candle was lit inside of me {yup, that's how bright & radiant my skin looks!}

❧Airbrushing my foundation! Yes I purchased a TEMPTU!
I seriously can't feel anything when I'm wearing this foundation! Whether I'm applying it with minimal coverage (tinted moisturizer) or full coverage it feels the same way. Very light weight! Like I'm not wearing anything at all! I've never noticed how heavy traditional foundation feels until I started using this airbrushing system! It contains a smoothing complex to help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, color correcting pigments to camouflage imperfections, and moisturizers to help hydrate the skin!

Maybe it's a combination of everything, or it's just one thing who knows... never-the-less I'm really loving my new routine! I'm going to do an in depth review on each product in the near future!

“Skin care is like dieting. You have to invest time and effort. There is no instant miracle cure.”

First Date!

First dates are always fun! You really don't know what to expect & the spontaneity of it all is quite exciting!

Sara has great eyes, I enhanced them by simply using a light highlighting shadow (try using a color with a nice sheen not matte, this will open up your eyes and bring lots of light in) from her inner corner & smudged under her water line.

The black eyeliner adds a great sultry splash to her look!

Matte lips on a first date is well.. boring! Even if you do a matte lipstick, pop a gloss right in the middle, this will deliver great dimension and give you a sexy pout!

Super Easy To Do:
♥ Matte skin tone eyeshadow washed all over lid up to brow bone
♥ Darker matte eyeshadow in crease to add depth
♥ Light eyeshadow with sheen run along lower lash line and inner corner of eye

♥ Black eyeliner on top & bottom waterline
♥ False corner lashes {you can cut full lashes to create your own corner lashes}

♥ Bronzer gives you a healthy glow
♥ Highlighter on bridge of nose and on top of cheek bone {when the light hits you, you'll be glad that you didn't skip this step!}
♥ Soft blush on apples of cheeks

Find products and colors that work best with your skin tone! Like I said in probably a billion posts, the naked palette (by urban decay) has great natural shimmer & matte shadows for all!

"..because it takes make-up to look natural"

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Game: Season 4 Episode 5

Ahh, the good old days..

I feel like we are literally starting over with the cast and I'm beginning to really like that. At first, I was confused. Not sure if confused is the right word. I went into this thinking everything was going to be the same so my expectations were a bit different. My feelings right now about the show has changed since episode 1. I'm relating to each character differently at this point.

When Janae was pregnant, ugggh!! I could NOT stand that girl! I couldn't wait until she'd just be written out of the script!

As much as my bff is going to hate me for stating this, I'm starting to relate with Janae! She is right, what did she do wrong? She got hurt out of the situation just like everyone else did. I'm sure if she was in Janae's shoes she'd probably be much worse.

I think that Derwin really needs to man up and put his foot down once and for all! He messed up with Melanie more than once (Drew Sidora) & time after time she has forgiven him. If the situation was dealt with and he didn't make Melanie feel so secondary to Janae and his son she would've never even needed to swab him in the first place. Derwin likes the fact that Janae still has feelings for him. He is being unfair to Melanie AND Janae. I wouldn't be surprised if him & Janae start messing around soon smh.

If you missed it check it out here let me know your thoughts!

"Compromise, if not the spice of life, is its solidity. It is what makes nations great and marriages happy."

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lets Play A Game!

Hey guys! Let's play GUESS WHO'S FEET!


❤ She's bold
❤ She's brave
❤ She's adventurous

All qualities that are needed to don these Blondes X Louboutins!


❤ no cheating
❤ answer who's feet you think they belong to as a comment
check here for the answer!

have fun!


“You cannot put the same shoe on every foot.”

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Favorites!

These are the things that I am in love with at the moment.. The things that I've used the most & adored for this past month.

Anastasia's Brow Express ($38) on sale 50% off!
I'm not featuring the entire kit as one of my favorites for the month I'm featuring the brush that came with it! I looove this Anastasia brow brush so much better than any brow brush that I've ever used before!

*I figured I'd let you guys know about the entire kit though since it's only 19 bucks right now and you get a lot of brow essentials in here!
Comes with four perfect brow stencils, two brow powders (blonde or brunette) to custom blend the most natural brow color, an angled brush, cream highlighter, and a brow wax cream!*

Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Exotic Body Scrub ($65)
It's a sugar based body scrub made with African Tea. It's designed to slough off dull, lackluster skin. Gently exfoliates providing skin-restoring essential fatty acids that promote radiant, healthy results.

Suggested Usage
-Massage onto wet skin with firm, circular motions.
-After rinsing and towel drying, follow with African Red Tea Self Heating Body Soufflé.

I love this body scrub because it feels so gentle and leaves my skin feeling super moisturized! I can't stand the feel of lotion! (in the winter my skin is drier so its hard avoiding lotion) After using this scrub my skin feels sooo moisturized I literally don't even need to lotion my skin afterwards! It feels that soft and smooth! The smell is to die for! I love it! It says to use it 2-3 times a week... I wish that I could use it everyday! If you wanna go all out try follow with African Red Tea Self Heating Body Soufflé!

Here's how Sephora describes it
Experience Ole Henriksen's signature Red Tea body treatment at home with this spa-inspired collection that nourishes your skin from head to toe. The rejuvenating powers of African Red Tea are Ole's secret to beautiful skin thanks to the tea's skin-strengthening minerals and free-radical-fighting antioxidants that help slow down the signs of aging.

Please treat yourself and give this stuff a try! You really won't regret it! oh, it's natural too! so if you have sensitive skin this is a-ok!

Lancome ÉCLAT MIRACLE ($37)
If you're into the dewy finish (like me) you will be in unconditional love with this product! & It doesnt feel heavy, which I love*

It can be worn:

♥ mixed in with your foundation. (just a drop) for a dewy, glowing finish.

♥ on top of foundation as a highlighter. (my favorite way to wear it)

♥ alone. for a nice glowing, awake look.

How it works:

It acts as a liquid mirror, scattering at the surface of the skin to produce a continuous illuminating effect making every complexion light up with utter perfection.

A good highlighter is important to have! If you don't like liquid highlighters NARS has a really good one called Albatross which is a sheer light golden sheen. I reflects light nicely and can be used to set a liquid highlighter as well!

Last but certainly not least..........

Living Proof No Frizz Restyling Spray ($24)
This has to be like the best product ever invented for hair EVER! I no longer relax my hair so to get it straight it's a process! I have naturally curly hair. I wear it straight... a lot!

Once it's curly, it's curly! It's not gonna get straightened until I wash, blow dry and flat iron!

How it works:

♥ Spray it onto your DRY hair until it's damp.

♥ Comb it through to make sure the product is evenly coating your hair.

♥ Activate by the heat of a blow dryer or flat iron or work through hair with fingers to refresh and renew style

It is seriously insane how straight my hair got and literally NO FRIZZ! It's made with this breakthrough humidity-blocking technology called PolyfluoroEster. It controls the frizz and protects your hair against the humidity!

That's my favs for January.. what were some of your favorite products? I'd love to hear!

“I'd love to go out with you, but my favorite commercial is on TV.”