Rocksbox | Holiday 2015

I unboxed my Holiday Rocksbox on my Snapchat last month; I'm just so in love with it!

Each month your stylist includes one piece off your wishlist in your box. This Gorjana necklace was the piece chosen for me off my wishlist this time around; and I was jumping for joy! (literally) 

 This House Of Harlow Spectrum Bangle complimented the crescent plate necklace like a charm. This bracelet had a lot of weight to it, when it was in the pouch I was trying to guess what it was- I kept saying "I know this is a necklace, I know this is a necklace" totally wrong! I'm sure my Snap friends got a kick out of that!

To complete my set my stylist added this beautiful House Of Harlow earring set. This is my third box so far and they keep getting better and better!

Code: BeautyByRheniciaxoxo
Just type it in at checkout ; shipping is also free. If you'd like to continue your membership it's $19 a month - totally up to you.

This is the last month that my coupon code will be valid so take advantage friends! 

For more information on +Rocksbox you can either check out their website or check out my blog post where I explain what Rockbox is all about!

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