Review: Anteja Cosmetics | Liquid Lipsticks

Hi Beauties! I received these two beautiful liquid lipsticks from Anteja Cosmetics and had to share with you all!

In the first photo I am wearing the shade Lilly & in the second photo I am wearing the shade Classy.

When you open the liquid lipstick it lights up, which I think is really cute! It has a mirror on one side but I think it's pointless because nobody can see out of that cloudy thing! Nonetheless, I love the shades! Every time I wear either one I get lots of compliments :)

They are long-wear... loooong-wear.

They are 
100% Hypoallergenic
100% Cruelty Free
100% Vegan

They retail for $12.99
Check out the other shades here

What is your favorite liquid lipstick?

Check out the video that I posted on Instagram applying this makeup look using both liquid lipsticks! xx

"If you keep trying new lipsticks, you will always have something to look forward to!"