Shamelessly Promoting Yourself Isn't Always Shameless!

How many of you know +Shameless Maya  ?? I started to binge watch her YouTube videos from the very beginning mid last year- which brought me to start branding myself as a Freelance Makeup Artist and start putting my work and myself "out there" a lot more. I started posting pictures on my Facebook of my work which lead me  to create a "Beauty By Rhenicia" Facebook page, Instagram page and a YouTube Channel!!!!

I always loved having my blog and using it as my "beauty outlet" I had the mindset that, "Everyone already knows that I do makeup and I work for a Makeup Counter, why should I post it everywhere?"  I actually kept my blog a secret for 5 years!

Maya changed my whole way of thinking!

I always felt like self promotion was tacky!

Here is the difference though:

What you should never do!
Going on someone's post and commenting
"follow for follow" or "follow me, and I promise I'll follow you back" 

I don't want a follow from you just because I'm following you- I want you to follow me because you are genuinely interested in my content!

What you should do!
A comment relevant to the post *preferably referencing something back to the post that you liked, agree/disagreed with* and a link to your website.

If you leave a comment of substance not only would the person that posted appreciate it, more than likely they would comment back and other viewers that read the post would see your comment and would be more inclined on clicking your link.

There are "right" ways to self promote - Maya has taught me so much and I'm really happy for a place like +YouTube - I've been inspired by so many people and made some amazing friends through that website it's unbelievable! She also gives tips on life, tech videos, vlogs, and she does some really, really cool transformations!!

I love the fact that her channel has a story, she started out her channel as a "project" how many followers can she get if she Shamelessly promoted herself for a year. She had no idea what she would be promoting other than herself, you can watch as her channel evolves and it's pretty cool.
So, here is my Shameless plug for this post-

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I've had this blog for so long and I'm finally teaching myself how to "promote" it.... I've recently added some cool widgets on the sidebar -

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If you enjoy my content and would like to keep up with me, please add me to your reading lists, friend me.. subscribe- do all of that good stuff! (I also updated my Contact Me & Added an About Me Page) Let's Be Friends!

Whenever you're bored you can go through some of my older posts- . Don't be afraid to comment on old posts, I LOVE reading all of your comments!!
So, there it is... my shameless self promoting post! *holds head up high*
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"Never hire or promote in your own image. It is foolish to replicate your strength and idiotic to replicate your weakness. It is essential to employ, trust, and reward those whose perspective, ability, and judgment are radically different from your own."