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Remember how I told you that MAC Lady Danger ($17) was my most worn lip of 2015? I found a less expensive dupe! Check out Crush by Ruby Kisses! $3.99

I was in the beauty supply store some time last year when I first discovered these lip lacquers; they come in 14 different shades- I only picked up Crush but I have Queen, Wonderland, Creme, Think Pink, Ruby, Rosy, Mirage & Glace all on my wish list! (practically all of them ha!)

I applied two coats of it with about one minute in-between each coat and it lasted about 3 hours before I had to touch up. 

Instead of reapplying - take it off and just start fresh!

Like any matte lipstick you should condition your lips before applying this product. In comparison to the NYX Matte Lip Cream ($6.00) The Ruby Kisses ($3.99) went on with a lot more pigment and spread out on my lips much more evenly with the two coats

It wears comfortable as it goes on smoothly but it is NOT a stain so it does transfer. For under five bucks I'd say that these babies are a total SCORE! I'll be sure to post pics when I pick up a couple more!

You can purchase the Ruby Kisses Matte Lip Lacquers from your local Beauty Supply Store; but if you don't have one in your neighborhood or you just prefer shopping online here's a link to an online Beauty Supply Sam's Beauty

Link to my Top 5 Beauty Pick Of 2015 (there's a pic of me wearing Lady Danger)

What lip dupes have you recently discovered? 
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