Natural Makeup | Dark Skin | Before & After + Advice

Hi Beauties!
My client wanted to look as natural as possible just enhancements to her features-

She was sure of what she wanted and I as her Makeup Artist and friend; delivered.

What do you guys think?

It is extremely important to listen to your client as a Makeup Artist, I really appreciate what all my years of retail beauty has taught me. Earning your clients trust before you even touch their face is crucial- Not everyone is going to appreciate you giving them "Instagram Brows" or a "Kylie Lip" the average client just wants to look like a better version of themselves.

 Frankly, they don't even care if you can do an Instagram brow or not- all they want to know is can you do their brows?

For Artists/Beauty Advisors just starting out

Listen to your clients
Make professional suggestions; but don't be overbearing,
Have patience

Learning different face shapes and skin tones comes with practice
not practicing on yourself- use your friends, your mom, your aunt, whoever is willing to let you practice on them- practice!

Until next time...

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