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noun: self-love

Regard for one's own well-being and happiness.

"Don't rely on someone else for your happiness and self-worth. Only you can be responsible for that. If you can't love and respect yourself - no one else will be able to make that happen. Accept who you are - completely; the good and the bad - and make changes YOU see fit - not because you think someone else wants you to be different. Why should we worry about what others think of us, do we have more confidence in their opinions than we do our own? Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand-break on.
You have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn't worked - try approving of yourself and see what happens.

A cluster of quotes about self-love that I merged together. 

Self-Love doesn't come easily. For me self-love hasn't come easily. I am my worse critic. I would look at a picture of myself and immediately start pointing out all of the things that look horrible instead of looking at all of the beauty right before my eyes.

I have gone through so much in the past couple of years - I've known struggle, I've known pain, I've known defeat, & I've known loss but I am still standing. I have a new appreciation for myself and for life. "Beautiful people don't just happen" it takes going through something and surviving it to make you a stronger and wiser person.

Love yourself like your life depends on it- because your happiness sure does!

Be Beautiful!

-Rhenicia xx

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