Tips & Tricks: Solve Your Bra-Blems!

Hello my beauties!

I am always on the search for a good bra, I've been through every bra mishap that you could possible think of- from side boob, to strap falling down all the time, to strap cutting off my circulation! 

+ThirdLove shared this guide with me and of course the good person that I am; I'm sharing it with you guys!! 

Now, if you are always on the hunt for a GOOD bra, like myself (I have 2 that I'm in love with at the moment... the rest; eh) Check out their site, they bring innovation to the way that I'm used to shopping for a bra!

They offer :
  • 100% fit guarantee on all of their bras.
  • AA-F (DDD), including signature 1/2 cup sizes.

I went on and immediately was drawn to the section that was marked "Breast Shape Dictionary" because I wanted to see what my breast shape was named of course.... ding, ding, ding... found it! Under your breast shape there is a tab that says, "Shop Your Collection"

In the "Shop Your Collection" tab there were a generous amount of different bra selections, from lace, to strapless- needless to say I was very pleased with the site and my overall shopping experience.

The prices ranged from $49-$64 for the bras that I was peaking through. You guys should definitely  go check it out yourselves!

Click here to go straight to the breast shape dictionary!!

"Friends are like bras; close to your heart and there for support."

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