Started Out As A Master Cleanse....

My friend over at Mad Melly got me this mason jar!
I'm obsessed with cups and jars for some reason. This jar holds 24oz
I love that I can measure exactly how many ounces I'm
consuming. This was such a thoughtful gift as she knew that
I was starting on this journey ♥ If ya looking for a
cool fashion blog to follow- go follow her!

Whenever I start to yearn for a change in my life- the best thing I know how to do is fast and pray. I feel like any kind of cleanse, detox, or fast requires a lot of mental strength. I have done the Master Cleanse twice (and I've also completed a three day water fast.) Each time I utilized the cleanse as a tool to get in touch with my spiritual side. I am 100% more in tune with my body and I can understand and control my hunger. I am not only doing this fast for spiritual reasons, otherwise I wouldn't be sharing it with the public- I'm also doing it to lose weight and have a complete fresh start. I am documenting my journey and sharing it to hopefully help and inspire others.

I have so many things and ideas racing around in my head that I can't quite get together..... I need clarity. While fasting I have clarity, I think clearer... my mind feels clean and my body feels pure.

I first decided to embark on the typical 10 Day Master Cleanse Diet strictly to lose weight and feel better about myself so I could start posting beauty videos on YouTube. I'm so passionate about makeup and I want to share my passion with the world- but how can I go on and talk about beauty, and feeling beautiful- when I don't feel beautiful myself? I want to start this journey the right way. 

I woke up this morning and decided that I didn't want to do the Master Cleanse today, I wanted to do a water fast. I had water with crushed ice and lime for the entire day. My mind has been made up. I am not eating for the next 10 days. When my mind is made up about something, I'm pretty determined to get it done. I will be recording footage of myself everyday and I'll put it together so you guys can see my results.
So, Day 1 - Today wasn't hard at all. I did have a couple of points throughout the day that I felt really hungry but after I drank about 4-6oz of water I felt fine. It helps tremendously when you are mentally prepared for a fast. Most people ease in, but I didn't! I had my last cookie with my daughter at 11:58pm last night haha! I knew for about 5 days that I was going to start on Monday 7/20/15... I just kept that date in my mind- "no food Monday, no food Monday" so when I woke up on Monday morning (this morning) my mind and my body wasn't expecting any food. I woke up not hungry at all. So my tip for Day 1 is - be mentally prepared, psych yourself out on the end results & think about the closer connection to God you will experience.

At this point; I want to find a really good movie to watch on Netflix and just kick back and relax. I can't wait to go to sleep and wake up so I can be on Day 2!

If you are thinking about doing the Master Cleanse please visit this site. It has really good information! If you don't agree with fasting- all I'm saying is educate yourself and you may have a change of heart.

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"When the stomach is full; it is easy to talk of fasting."