Vote On My Summer 2015 Hair Style!

My kinky curly hair 

So I'm getting my hair done this week and I'm looking for a change! I cannot make up my mind on a hairstyle/color that I want BUT what I do know is - I want my hair to be shoulder length!

Here are a few options.... I want you guys to comment and let me know which style I should rock this summer! 

I haven't rocked a center part in a while and I love the blonde ombré that she has going on! 

This side part is so sexy & the blonde bombshell look never goes out of style! I think this cut is exactly what I'm looking for in terms of shape and length....

Her hair is kinda white with black roots- looks like a wig to me... I really admire how this looks but it would be a huge change for me! In terms of color I would try this out but I would need it to be shoulder length :) 

Grey hair!! Love this trend.... Is it for me? Idk "/ what do you guys think????? 

I absolutely love Eva Marie & her flaming red locks! I would 100% love to try this out one day! 

I'm really leaning towards the blonde Kim K. look but maybe with a middle part? Then again... Blonde again? I've never been platinum blonde so it is different... Ugh! Help!! Please vote & help me decide my summer hair! 
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