Henna Design



  Henna tattooing is a cultural practice that dates back over 5,000 years. Henna today is used as a popular form of expression for luck and happiness.

I decided to get a henna designed temporary tattoo for my trip to Trinidad this year. I knew for sure that I did not want the red henna- I wanted black. After doing a little research on black henna I found a lot of information leading me to believe that black henna is unsafe. I heard about a temporary gel that can be used to achieve the same look of black henna but instead a safe all natural gel is applied and it is 100% painless!  (I got tons of info on this from a video one of my favorite beauty gurus @chrisspy or chrisspy makeup on YouTube posted!) I love loooved her henna design! I love looove everything about her actually lol! 

They say to refrigerate the gel to store (I did not) so can't give a proper review on this product - I'd love to know if the consistency really stays the same and can be reused. I didn't put my gel in the fridge until the next day, when I tried to use it again it was an epic fail ; but I only have myself to blame because I did not follow the proper care instructions.
Even though I did not use the traditional henna for my tattoo (and this kit is easy enough for you to do for yourself or one of your friends can do it for you) I decided to go to an official henna artist- it is said that applying henna can be a deeply moving and communicative experience for both the bearer and the artist and opens a spiritual connection where a gifted blessing can be received.
My tat lasted about 9 days, the cool thing about having this kit is you can retouch your design when it begins to fade by just tracing over it!
Would you ever try henna? What are your thoughts?
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