In Soho With Bobbi Brown . . . No Big Deal


My experience meeting Makeup Artist & Businesswoman BOBBI BROWN was such a delight! After taking this pic with Bobbi I said, "I'm about to send this picture to my mom!"  Then all of a sudden Bobbi goes... "What's your moms name?"  I say, "Rhea."  Bobbi then says to me, "Get Rhea on the phone, I'd like to tell her what a beautiful daughter she has!"  At this point I'm trying to play cool pretend my palms aren't sweating & my heart isn't racing... is this really happening to me right now?  Bobbi Brown just said I'm beautiful & would like to speak with my mom... okay, no big deal. I call my mom... they speak, my mother is in total shock because she just loves Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, definitely wasn't expecting a phone call from Bobbi herself! 

"Doubt who you will; but never yourself"