Lavender & Love | An Ancient Match!


In an apocryphal book of the Bible, we hear the use of lavender. The story tells us that
Judith anointed herself with perfumes including lavender before seducing Holofernes, the enemy commander. This allowed her to murder him and thus save the City of Jerusalem.

The overwhelming power of this seductive scent was also used by Cleopatra to seduce Julius Cesaer and Mark Anthony.

My Fragrance Suggestion:

LAVANILA's Vanilla Lavender

Description: (via website)

Vanilla Lavender takes you to an oasis of tranquility. Peaceful and serene, this clean fragrance blends Spanish lavender, rose absolute, violet leaf, and warm Madagascar vanilla. The essence is a masterpiece crafted by perfumers who use only the finest, all-natural ingredients!


Vanilla, Lavender, Rose Absolute, Violet Leaf.

What I Love:

♥ With each spray of this fragrance it wraps the skin with super-antioxidants goji berry and kakadu plum for a healthy dose of 30 essential vitamins and minerals!

♥ Because each spray is actually good for you, you can use it as your base then layer your favs on top to pull out the peaceful notes!

tip: smells great under men cologne as well!

Fun Facts:

Lavender is widely utilized as a herbal medicine for its soothing and relaxing qualities. Few herbs can be claimed as effective.

♥ Lavender can treat hyperactivity; insomnia; flatulence; bacteria, fungus, and microbial activity on gums, airborne molds, and (in mixture with pine, thyme, mint, rosemary, clove, and cinnamon oils) Staphylococcus bacteria.

♥ Lavender may even be useful against impotence! In a study of men, the scent of pumpkin and lavender rated as the scent found most arousing!

“A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future.”

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