Exciting Day In The City!

Spent my entire day in the city! Seriously, when I say entire.. I mean I was up and out of my house since 6:30am (good thing I brought along my flats, which i didn't end up changing into until around 10pm right before my train ride home.. nonetheless, they came in handy!)

Had the pleasure of meeting such a wonderful Celeb Adrienne Bailon! She is so beautiful, & I can tell that her beauty is not just skin deep! We spoke like we were having girl talk! Not like celeb/fan type of convo. lol

One thing that I like to do is ask people what they are wearing. Whether it's just their mascara, blush, lipstick, foundation... whatever happens to stand out the most to me. (good or bad)

Adrienne had on such a stunning red lip, I couldn't help but ask.... She revealed to me that it was a lipstick from Revlon! I surprisingly answered, "Wow, you wear Revlon!?" I was assuming she'd say Chanel or YSL but no, she was totally honest & answered "Yea, I love their lipsticks" What an honest, beautiful person she is!

Adrienne Bailon without a doubt made my day! That's why I'm up almost 2am blogging about it & if you follow me on twitter you'd know that this week I'm training in the city from 8-5. So yea, I'll be running off of about 3 hrs of sleep haha!

Will post pics from the Carol's Daughter Event (@ Sephora 34th Street) later on this week! (God's willing.. tomorrow!) Will include pictures that I took myself of Cassie, Solange Knowles, Selita Ebanks & Janice Combs!

“Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns; I am thankful that thorns have roses.”