Bare Minerals: Purifying Facial Cleanser!

Bare Minerals launches a skincare line!

First product that I'm reviewing is the purifying facial cleanser. ($20)

What it's formulated to do:

∴ This gentle cleanser transforms into a light, creamy texture to remove makeup, dissolve impurities, and rebalance skin for a soft, smooth complexion. The 100 percent pure RareMinerals ActiveSoil Complex powers this product, leaving skin feeling perfectly clean, hydrated, and with a naturally luminous glow. Plus, it's gentle enough for eye makeup removal. {described by}

First experience:

∴ I used my Sephora Face Complexion Brush to apply the cleanser all over my face (avoiding eye area)

∴ Used wet fingertips along with cleanser to gently remove my eye makeup.

∴ Rinsed face.


∴ Clean face, yet eye makeup was still not completely off.

Second experience:

∴ Used my face complexion brush.

∴ Used fingers to remove eye makeup.

∴ Waited a minute.

∴ Rinsed.


∴ Clean face, eye makeup completely gone.

What I like:

∴ Other than the fact that this product has skin-renewing benefits including accelerated cell turnover and antioxidant protection from environmental stressors I really like it because I can use it as my makeup remover as well as my cleanser. I normally remove my makeup with makeup wipes then cleanse, so this saves me some time.

∴ Lathers with very little product.

What I don't like:

∴ I personally prefer foaming cleaners.

Final Thoughts:

∴ For those long days/nights when all I want to do is go home hop in the shower and get my makeup off this is the perfect cleanser. I think it's best to use this cleaner in the shower (especially if you have eye makeup to remove) it's so gentle on my eyes that I can saturate it onto my entire face including my eyes so that the makeup can be broken down continue showering then rinse it off. No time wasted, no burning eyes just beautiful balanced skin.

"Water, air, and cleanliness are the chief articles in my pharmacopoeia"