Yet Another Post On: The Game

As I said in previous post.. I feel like something is way off with The Game this season. It could be the acting, it could be the writers, it could be the director, idk... something is just off. Can't quite put my finger on it, but it's defiantly not the same.

What I heard:
The character Kelly is coming back as a recurring character, but that recurring could be every episode. She's mainly agreed to do the show for her fans and to support her fellow cast mates.

Some gossip so may not be true but I heard:
They aren't taping the scene like the did on CW, on BET they taped
all 13 episodes one after the other. Not allowing the actors
to build a connection to the characters. On CW they had a whole week
to think about the situation and get their emotions together.
That could be a big part of the whole "something is off" spiel.

We all know that Tia Mowry (Melanie) has a twin sister

..but did you know that Brittany Daniel (Kelly Pitts) has a twin sister as well!
They both played in Sweet Valley High!

They were also doublemint twins along with Tia & Tamara!

While promoting her film Skyline(2010) Brittany says:
"When we were shooting Skyline, I was really sick one day and they had to shoot something. I came in for a few hours to shoot my close-ups and they hired my sister to stand around in the background for the wide shots. I was like, “Wow, the benefits of having a twin!"

What did you guys feel about this scene? Team Melanie or Team Jazz?

*borrowed this from necole bitchie*

Melanie: What the hell do you think you’re doing?

Jazz: I believe it’s called stuntin’

Melanie: No what it’s called is misleading these girls down the wrong path.

Jazz: Excuse me?

Melanie: Yeah, today was suppose to be about uplifting these girls and setting an example for them but instead you have been running around here thinking it’s okay to sleep with everyone and shake their ass in music videos.

Jazz: Sleep around, wait, is this about Derwin? Is he still talking about me? That is so cute.

Melanie: What?! No, this has nothing to do with Derwin. It’s about you convincing these girls there’s some future in them objectifying themselves.

Jazz: Well, that’s weird because it seems that my future is almost identical to yours. You married a football player, I married a football player. You’re a Sunbeam, I’m a Sunbeam. At the end of the day, I’m sitting at the same table as you. Actually no, not true. I’m sitting at the autograph table unlike you.

Melanie: Excuse me?

Jazz: And you call yourself a role model? You’re nothing but a fake ass, insecure, wannabe doctor, who enjoys bringing down other women to build yourself up. And I tell you what…my background may be a little skanky but I’m a skank that keeps it 100. Now if you excuse me, little skitzo is waiting. *walks away*

Melanie: Can you believe her?

Tasha: Mmm Hmm. I love it that broad got heart.

Melanie: Tasha, how could you say that?

Tasha: Oh, come on. Come on Melanie, you know you had that coming…the way you’ve been treating her. You lucky she didn’t didn’t whoop yo ass a long time ago because if she had asked me, I probably would’ve helped her too.

Melanie: What? How could you defend her, she practically slept her way into the Sunbeams.

Tasha: Okay, don’t make me remind you of your freaky little tendencies Mrs. Trey Wiggs/Hop In the Bed With Malik/Jerome. You ain’t nobody saint, okay. At the end of the day we all got here the same way….either giving up the cooch or pushing somebody up out the cooch. So you remember that the next time you go judging somebody.

Doesn't the Jazz look like Nicki Minaji with a quick glance!? My friend thought it was her when we saw the commercial! I'm like, "Whoa! That does look like her!"

Her real name is Lashontae Heckard.. (remember her when she played in ATL)
Check her out in her urban turband!

“A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest.”