Jennifer Lopez on American Idol Inspired Look!

I'm a fan of American Idol (I wouldn't say a die hard fan.. but a fan none the less) but now that JLo is a judge, die hard fan would be the correct term. I always looove her make-up and now I get to see what her make-up artist will create week after week!

She had a nice radiant glow to her skin! Lovely dewy finish.. beautiful pink blush (more blush than I'd usually use) and the prettiest gold shimmery eyes! Her lips were on the nude side, with that wet sheen and a pop of color coming through!

I wasn't going anywhere last night, but couldn't resist playing in make-up!

eyes: i tried my best to make it as sparkly as possible using my lock down in gold by too faced as a base then used the color true by bare escetuals

face: used an artificial light luminizing lotion by smashbox (in glow) mixed in with my mac studio fix foundation. gives a natural glow.

blush: had to go with a cream blush because there is nothing matte about her face, so i went with a cream blush by mac called posey. (buffed in with a stippled brush)

lips: guerlian lip base and mixed some colors from my elf encyclopedia lip edition (which btw was only 5 bucks comes with a lip liner and a lip brush! can't beat that)

“She behaves as if she were beautiful. Most American women do. It is the secret of their charm.”