How to get the true color of your lipstick to show!

This is a method that works wonders for me ..& of course the purpose of this blog is to share my random thoughts, tips, tricks and anything else that interests me at the moment.

Ever see a lip color and think it's just absolutely gorgeous, then put it on and it looks a totally different color!? You're thinking to yourself, "This isn't the color that I wanted, this isn't how it looked in the advertisement! This isn't the true color... grrrr!"

There are tons of lip bases that you can buy that's gonna run you a pretty penny and just add to your collection of unnecessary "stuff" (you know what I'm talking about, the stuff that you buy because the sales person raves about how great it is & you feel like, omg! how was I living without this! Then go home and use it once or twice & forget all about it!)

The reason why you don't get the true color of your lipstick or lipgloss is due to the natural color of your lips! When I do my make-up, my lips are usually the last thing that I do. When applying my foundation I apply it all over, including my eyelids and my LIPS! If I'm doing a nude lip, I dab my concealer over my lips in order to neutralize the color and I get that heavenly nude lip. (one of my favorite lips to wear by the way)

***I'm not totally against lip primers/bases.. but I'll get into that in another post dedicated specifically to them! This is just something that I do on an everyday basis without adding another product to my routine!***

Kim Kardashian wears a beautiful nude color on her lips which of course is one of my favs by Nars! A color called Belle De Jour

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