Do's & Don'ts: Animal Print!

Animal print can be very tricky. Here's why I say it can be tricky.. You can look very seductive and sexy in a leopard print dress, but carry yourself the wrong way or add too many unnecessary accessories and bam you just went from sexy to sleazy! Yes! Animal print can make you look very cheap as well. So please be careful! Here are a few essential tips you must remember if you dare to wear this risky yet fashionable trend.

DON'T over do it! You don't want to become the animal! You want your look to be tasteful not tacky. Zebra jacket & skirt, come on.

DO wear animal print scarves! Nothing says, "bold & daring" like an animal print scarf!

DO pair with black or brown for a safe classic look.

DON'T EVER, EVER wear neon animal print, please!

DO dress up your solids with an animal print accessory!

Always remember, don't be afraid to take risks. This animal print guideline is not set in stone! Go ahead, break the rules! {if you dare} hahaha!