2010 Fall Trends: The Boyfriend Jacket!

Every reputable trend is bound to come back. The boyfriend jacket originated some time in the 1980's & now it has returned!

There are two important factors to wearing this look. a)making sure that the jacket is over-sized & b)making sure that the sleeves are rolled up.

The boyfriend trend (whether it's jeans, jackets, or his dress shirt) is all about wearing clothes that look a size too big for you. Not too baggy, just about one size too big. By rolling up the sleeves it implies that they are too long for your arms. (hence the name "boyfriend") this also gives it a much more feminine feel.

The boyfriend trend expanded in 2009 when actress Katie Holmes was spotted in public wearing Tom Cruise's slouchy jeans after a Broadway rehearsal!

Here are my top pics for this fashion craze, take note & enjoy!

This is such a fun & funky trend, you can get away with wearing it with next to anything from a cocktail dress to a pair of leggings!