FALL 2010

I feel like I've really been neglecting my blog.. Actually, the only reason why I feel like that is because I have been neglecting you! Sorrryyy blog! mwah! xoxoxo Pls forgive me!

I'm going to start blogging on a more regular basis again :)

So lets just get right into it.... It's fall people! I remember when i started this blog it was spring! Fall is by far my fav season of them all! (not to mention I'm a fall baby tee hehe)

There are sooo many great fall trends this year!

I need a basic black pump for this fall. What would be more perfect than a red bottom!?
Christian Louboutin black pumps would be a very good addition to the team for sure.

you can pair this khaki burberry blazer with just about any cute dress in order to polish your look with a big bold scarf... yum!

Fall make-up another FAV! Metallic colors look sooo good on any skin tone and is perfect for this time of year! coastal scents has a perfect metal mania palette that has 88 eye shadows for just $24.95 WOW! that's a fall must have!

Check out this websites take on PURPLE HAZE for this fall!! Purple is my favorite color! Yesss! I'm so happy! Purple nails, Purple lips, Purple shadows...(not all at once lol) Can't wait to try out some new looks! Will be posting different looks for this!