Allergic To Lip Gloss?

Why is it that when i use certain lip glosses my lips are fine that day, but when i wake up in the morning my lips are swollen! They even burn a little!! I want to know what the common ingredient is that are in these glosses that causes me this ugly, hurtful swelling!!!!!!! (which lasts for days)

The first time it ever happened i used this glittery gloss. It was a Lancome Juicy Tube!

So i thought it had something to do with glittery glosses & stopped using them.

Then it happened again when i used this purple creamy gloss from victoria secret! I always use victoria secret glosses (beauty rush) and this has never happened before. So I just stopped using that particular one.

It also happens when I use Carmex! (is that crazy or what!?) Isn't carmex suppose to heal lips like wth!?

Okay my most recent episode was a couple of days ago, i was in rite aid and saw this hot pink lipstick and a hot pink gloss that would look sooo cute over it! so i bought them both. I knew it wasn't the lipstick because lipsticks never break my lips out and i have almost every color in this brand.. but to be sure i tried the lipstick by itself last night and i was fine.

The name of that gloss is N.Y.C new york color Kiss Gloss in Pink Paradise. (beautiful color btw)

It has nothing to do with being high end or being a drug store brand, it is a common allergen in these glosses, that they maybe need to stop using (for my sake at least) I love trying new things.. & i don't want when i buy a new lip gloss to wake up with burning puffy lips!!!! (its mostly my top lip that swells the worse) I would post pics but it would probably scare you guys! *seriously* haha

What is this mystery ingredient in these glosses????? Someone, Anyone... Please help! If this has happened to you before let me know! We can get this movement going to ban this ingredient!

(oh the pic at the top is the lipstick with the gloss over it! pretty right!?)

oh yea, something else that i've noticed is that a lot of glosses don't have the ingredients listed on them! now, if they were i would be able to see what the common ingredient is so that when i see it, it waves a red flag for me not to purchase it!!!!! (DUH) all that room they take up on the back telling you how to apply the gloss (like you dont already know that) they can use that space to list the ingredients! (not rocket science here people) PRODUCT LABELS!


What are the symptoms of a cosmetic reaction?

There are two reactions that might occur following exposure to cosmetics: irritant contact dermatitis and allergic contact dermatitis. Contact dermatitis is a condition marked by areas of inflammation (redness, itching and swelling) that form after a substance comes into contact with your skin.

Irritant contact dermatitis: This is more common than allergic contact dermatitis and can occur in anyone. It develops when an irritating or harsh substance actually damages the skin. Irritant contact dermatitis usually begins as patches of itchy, scaly skin or a red rash, but can develop into blisters that ooze, especially if the skin is further irritated from scratching. It generally occurs at the site of contact with the irritating substance. Areas where the outermost layer of skin is thin, such as the eyelids, or where the skin is dry and cracked are more susceptible to irritant contact dermatitis.