Things That Helped Me Survive Pregnancy

I looooved being pregnant! sometimes when i see pregnant women i miss my belly! ....but there were some really uncomfortable moments! here are some of my pregnancy survival tools, i hope this is useful & can help you during your pregnancy whether your carrying your bundle of joy now or plan on it in the future.... ENJOY!

♥ My pregnancy pillow (this list isn't in any particular order, but if it were... this would've been #1 anyway haha)

♥ Tum Ta Ta Ta Tummmmsssss (talk about heart burn!!! aahhh this helped me a lot a lot)

♥ Tylenol PM (i know a lot of you don't want to take any pills while pregnant but my doc said it was okay! & i also did my own research..... i had horrible headaches and insomnia like a mother! Tylenol pm was a life saver)

♥ Seltzer Water (i can't stress how much seltzer water helped me! i could go through an entire 2 liter in one day! if someone was coming over, I'd ask them to stop at the store and pick up some seltzer water for me! i bought no less than 3 bottles at a time!) burp :) p.s. my preference was Seagram's.

♥ Sensodyne Toothpaste (pregnancy affects every woman differently, my teeth were extra sensitive & i had no idea whyyy! come to find out, some women actually LOSE teeth while pregnant! whaaat!? guess i had it better than i thought)

great gift ideas for a pregnant lady! make a gift basket full of goodies for her.... she is sooo consumed with buying things for the baby & preparing for his/her arrival a nice treat for her is a wonderful gesture. especially things that would make her pregnancy a little easier.

if i think of any other things that i swore by while pregnant i will be sure to post. lata beauties x♥x♥