Before & After Pics

Sry for not updating you guys sooner, but I've completed 14 days and lost a total of 10 more lbs!!! Not what I was shooting for, but I'm still happy with it!

One of the wonderful ppl I met on the cleanse as well {Allina} said she would really love me to make some make-up tutorial videos because when she is finished with her cleanse she plans on doing a photo shoot! she is on day 40 of 60!!!!! She looks really amazing! So post cleanse, I still feel GREAT! I feel like I have accomplished so much, there is no way I can give up now! I owe it to myself to finish what I started!

quick weight loss tip i came across:

when dining out ask the waiter to pack half of your meal in a doggy bag before it reaches the table! that way you don't see it, you don't miss it! out of sight ; out of mind! you won't over eat! & you can have it the next day for lunch! xo

Here I am at my baby shower 8/30/09



I can't wait until I reach my goal weight!

Having photos to look back on really helps!!!!!!