Master Cleanse Restart: Day 6

My bff & i were acting a fool after a very great work-out session! We did some shimmy and bollywood dance :) talk about FUN TIMES!

Omg you guys.... I only lost 3lbs. so far! I am going to tweak my juice tomorrow! Less maple syrup and no salt water flush. That salt water makes me retain water, and feel bloated! Even though I'm not on this cleanse just for the weight loss I still would like to SEE some results not only feel! 9 more days and I'm finished! It's not that I can't wait until this is over because I cant take it anymore, I just cant wait until this is over because I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MYSELF! The end results!

This has been some ride.... my "getting healthy, losing weight journey" I lost 50lbs in total since I had my daughter 8 months ago. My goal was to be smaller than I was before I got pregnant..... ACCOMPLISHED.

I can't wait to post up my before and after pics so you guys can have a better idea of my journey... the ups and downs of it all. I lost and gained throughout the process, but NEVER gave up.

Whatever you have your mind set upon keep your eyes on the prize! Visualize the end results!
I like trying on clothes and seeing what fits, what doesn't, and what will!