Master Cleanse: Update

Haven't posted a blog in about a week.. & there is much to talk about!

I got up to 10 days on my cleanse! Yaayyy me!

I did want to go up to 14... but hey 10 was still good right?

It was my first Mothers Day & I wanted to have dinner with my family.... and that was the day that I broke my cleanse.

.....& it all went down hill from there! As soon as I started eating again it was over for me! I did not ease out of the cleanse like I was suppose to, I just started eating regularly. Which was BAD BAD BAD!

I lost a total of 15lbs on the cleanse then gained back 6! Now, I know I was suppose to gain back some water weight, but i gained back that weight sooo fast! I am not doing my body good right now. Its like as soon as i started eating i went on a binge! BAD BAD BAD!

So, I've decided that I will do the Master Cleanse over, the RIGHT WAY! I will ease off of it, and not make any excuses. One of the main purposes of the cleanse is to boost your willpower, and curb cravings for junk! I went right into eating junk....... BAD BAD BAD GIRL! hahaha

I've been trying for the past 3 days to start the cleanse over with NO LUCK! So, I decided to write this blog.... maybe I'll even make a video on my youtube channel...... it worked for me when I was on it before, so hopefully if I get the same support this time around again it would be easier for me to start!....

This is actually the hardest part for me... STARTING! ....But once I get that ball rolling.... I'M GOOD! Just gotta get it rolling! The support I get from youtube is amazing, and watching other peoples videos really do help a lot. So, if your thinking about starting this cleanse.... and just can't seem to start I recommend:

1. reading my blog :)

2. watching youtube videos (including mine) :)

3. think about the end results

4. have a positive attitude

5. keep in mind.. food will still be there when you get off

6. make your own videos or take pictures of yourself everyday so YOU can see the difference over time.

7. be patient

I too am going to take my own advice, it's not going to be easy especially with all the great food and smells all around me... but at this point I need to do this for myself!

Nobody can do the cleanse for me!