Master Cleanse Restart!

Finally found it in me to start the master cleanse once again! Like I said before.... I vow to ease out this time!!!! (seriously) lol.

A lot of ppl may think that it's easier for people that have fasted before to start this cleanse.. I don't think that's true at all. It was much easier for me to start the first time around!

I kinda regret telling certain people about me cleansing! All the remarks about..... Why are you starving yourself?? ...Your body cleanses itself... blah blah effing BLAH! Do your homework before you start passing remarks...........GOSH! Or just say you don't know anything about cleansing/fasting and let someone that is much more educated on the topic teach you a thing or two and open up ur CLOSED mind!!!!

Our bodies do have many ordinary modes of achieving elimination such as our lungs, liver, colon, kidneys etc. BUT when these are overloaded our body will resort to "extra ordinary" methods of elimination... such as, boils, mucous, and other discharges, sweat, vomiting, diarrhea, and many others. Should elimination become impossible or uneconomical of body energy, the toxic overload will go into storage forms in the joints, vessels, muscles, organs; almost any tissue in the body!

So you see... fasting/cleansing is very important. It is not to be used for weight loss; although weight loss is a nice "FAT" bonus hahahaha! ...but seriously, cleansing your body is a great way to rid yourself of addiction to coffee.. smoking.. junk..etc. it gets all those toxins out of your body and gives you tons of willpower! A nice jump start to a healthier lifestyle, and a rest that your body will defiantly thank you for!

I'm not gonna lie, sometimes i do feel like scarfing down a doughnut or a slice of pizza..... but overall i only crave healthy foods, i drink a lot more water and i think before i put anything into my body. I don't just eat because i know that it's gonna taste amazing (anymore)

I felt so good while on the master cleanse.. can't wait to get to days 4-6 those days i felt the best!

ummm... idk y i feel like I'm leaving something out of this blog. if it comes to me... I'll be back tonight, if not... I'll post another blog sometime tomorrow!

day 3 here i come "/ not feeling too strong right about now especially with my boyfriend eating curry shrimp right now..............grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!