Master Cleanse Restart: Day 10

Omg.. day 10 is here!!! 4 more days of lemonade!

Memorial Weekend... BBQs... My Best Friends Bday..... NUFF SAID!

Am i going to survive???????

I need all the support i can get!

I would feel so much more motivated if i seen the numbers on the scale going down faster! in 10 days i only lost 5lbs! I have never ever heard of someone not eating for 10 days and only losing 5lbs!!!!! what am i doing wrong? NOTHING!

idk why it's coming off so slowly. i am doing everything correctly, i'm NOT cheating, i drink my tea and my swf... i even tweaked my lemonade by putting less maple syrup! (less calories) idk but at this point i am feeling really, REALLY discouraged! I promised myself i would get up to 14 days though... so here goes nothing "/