Salt Water Flush

I didn't do my salt water flush for day 1 or day 2 "/


Well when i went to the health food store to pick up all of the supplies that i would need for my master cleanse i noticed that they didn't have uniodized sea salt... only iodized. I asked the lady that worked there if i can use iodized sea salt while on the master cleanse to do my morning flush and she said, "of course you can" i bought it.

I still did my research when i got home later on that night and it confirmed that i can NOT use iodized sea salt it must be UNIODIZED! (thank God for google!)

As an alternative I've been drinking the smooth move tea in the morning and at night, while there is nothing "wrong" with doing this, i still want to do the salt water flush. i don't want to cut any corners with this cleanse at all... I'm going by the book! (haha)

Reasons why i prefer the salt water flush over the laxative tea (in the morning) :
1. i have to drink the tea at night already i have to suffer again in the morning ugh!
2. i don't like tea.. never did.. never will
3. the salt water flush is so "right to the point"
4. i feel a great sense of accomplishment after downing 32oz. of salt water!

With this and with any program you have to find what works best for you :)