About Me

Hi! I'm Rhenicia, a self-taught Makeup Artist from Queens, New York. I have a daughter- her name is Jadoni (7 years old) she's a little beauty guru in the making haha;  you'll see her pop in from time to time! 

I started this blog while on the master cleanse (4/30/2010) and decided to use it as an outlet for my passion for beauty! I've never promoted or even told any of my friends about my blog until recently- I kept it as my "safe place."

Beauty By Rhenicia is a place for me to share my beauty journey, reviews, tutorials, tips and tricks, some lifestyle posts here and there, and anything that may interest me at the moment! 99% of the time there will be some sort of quote at the bottom of every blog post! I love quotes!

Thank you for taking your time out to read this and visit my blog- I love reading your comments, makes me feel really happy! Hope you stay a while because this is a journey you don't want to miss!


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