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Hi! I'm Rhenicia, a self-taught Makeup Artist from Queens, New York. I love my daughter Jadoni (6 years old) she's a beauty guru in the making haha; you'll see her pop in from time to time! 

I started my beauty career watching YouTube Videos and practicing on myself and my friends at my mom's beauty salon since about 2009. Some of my favorite YouTubers were Michelle Phan, Andrea's Choice, Dulce Candy and JuicyStar07.

I started this blog while on the master cleanse (4/30/2010) and decided to use it as an outlet for my passion for beauty! I've never promoted or even told any of my friends about my blog until recently- I kept it as my "safe place."

My growing dedication to beauty lead me to become a Color Expert for Sephora, a CHANEL Counter Manager as well as a Makeup Artist for Bobbi Brown. I decided to brand myself as a Makeup Artist and start blogging on a more consistent basis for this new year 2016!

Beauty By Rhenicia is a place for me to share my beauty and weight loss journey, product knowledge, reviews, tutorials, tips and tricks, some lifestyle posts here and there, and anything that may interest me at the moment! 99% of the time there will be some sort of quote at the bottom of every blog post! I love quotes!

Thank you for taking your time out to read this and visit my blog- I love reading your comments- especially on older posts; makes me feel really happy! Hope you stay a while because this is a journey you don't want to miss!


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